The Simply Sweet Story

It all started while we were planning a baby shower for a friend.  My sister and I loved the color coordinating, paper crafting, and menu planning so much that we finally decided we should do it professionally.  Suddenly our eyes lit up and the wheels began turning and they haven't stopped since. 


Hello everyone!  Ever since I can remember I've been aspiring after my older sister to be as creative as she.  Somewhere along the way I realized God blessed me with the same knack for creativity that my sister possesses. I love perusing blogs to keep abreast of the newest and coolest event and decor ideas.  When I'm not cruising the web for inspiration or throwing around creative ideas with my sis, you can find me pulling weeds in the garden or hanging out with my amazing husband.


Welcome!  I've always had a passion for entrepreneurship and event planning so it seemed natural to combine them. I'm a business student at the University of Florida and currently work at UF as an assistant to an event coordinator. Between work, school, and designing, I spend the rest of my time running after my 3 year old son and hanging out with my wonderful husband.  I am extremely fortunate to be doing what I love! Contact us so I can use my passion to bring your event to life!