Friday, July 1, 2011

a 4th of July tea party

As I was preparing the house to celebrate Independence Day, I took our American flag out of it's triangle case that we have mounted on the wall.  For the 4th, we put it on full display in all of it's red, white, and blue glory.

I decided the flag would be a perfect backdrop for my tea party table scape. We have a beautiful blue porcelain tea set that I thought was so representative of the holiday. And so, the two collided to make the set up below.

The tea set, tablecloth, and books are all from our inventory and able to be rented for your event. 

These flags are a design from The Sweetest Occasion blog. Here I glued them to miniature spoons. 

 On the candles, I used a napkin ring design from Martha Stewart.  They turned out to be the perfect size for these candles. Using regular printer paper allows the light to illuminate through the design.

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