Monday, August 22, 2011

Football Party Packs {Sneak Peek}

Here are a few photos of the Football Party Packs that we're working on. This particular pack is for the University of Florida Gators but each pack can be customized to fit your team's colors, whether college or professional.

Here is a quick spread of the decorations I've dreamed up so far. Obviously this is "staged" because when I am designing, it never looks this neat! 

Fun with stamps! These adorable pennants can be adhered to toothpicks and stuck into delicious finger food or atop game-day cupcakes. 

A view of the tools and accessories I'm using...and, yet another pennant! I promise there will be more to the packs than our pennant but these I've made so far are really cute. 

Fun, fun, fun! These tile coasters are as much fun to make as they are to use! Here is a preview of a design I'm testing.  The final product may change a bit but I'm definitely using these around my house this football season!  Styled coasters for your team are a perfect touch to any party. These are included in the pack, as well.

Here is a simple yet cute way to claim your cup during those rowdy football games. These adorable clothes pins are included in our party packs and used to tell whose cup is whose.

Party packs include homemade and unique party decor for various themed events. We do all of the coordinating, cutting, gluing, painting and arranging. All you do is open the pack and impress all of your guests.

These particular Gator packs are for those football viewing and tailgate parties for our UF football fans. The packs can be made to fit any team, college or professional, though. So, if you would like original party decor that isn't found anywhere else, check out our shop {which is coming soon}! If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us and we'll get started making something just for you for no extra charge. 

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